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Cleaning of ground handling and engineering GSE & tooling equipment

Matthew Chitty, has 20 years of experience in aviation in all types of sectors.

His first venture was aircraft fumigation which Matthew excels in.

His father set up Advance Fumigation in 1979 and they are today, the world wide experts in aviation pest control.

Matthew sat and passed the BPCA (British pest control association) licence for aircraft fumigation using the toxic gas methyl bromide, he was and still is the youngest ever to sit and pass the exam with 30 practical fumigations in his name at the age of 19. To give you an idea of his success, you need a minimum of 20 to sit the exam.

Advance have developed a system using heat to eradicate bed bug infestations on aircraft which is approved by Boeing and Airbus.

Matthew holds fumigation contracts with the world leading airlines, with daily engineering tasks now a routine process.

In 2012 Matthew saw a potential market in Airside Vehicle and GSE cleaning. He was then awarded a licence form Gatwick airport for vehicle and GSE cleaning.

Since then, Matthew has dominated this market, his drive, total understanding of the sector and professionalism has won him contracts that capture the entire market.

Advance also offers an office cleaning service to all major account holders at both Gatwick and Heathrow airports alongside airside logistics which include aircraft engine changes and office relocation. Matthew’s aviation engineering background provides an ideal platform for the company to engage successfully in engineering tooling and aircraft parts cleaning for all major airlines.

To summarise, aviation consultancy has played a large part in Matthew’s daily task routine, from operations to engineering and Advance can confidently give their customer’s everything they require in this sector of the industry.

Advance supplies fantastic services to all the airlines and operators at LGW and LHR.

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