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The Valet Company serve the UK’s aviation industry and their customers by offering a full range of interior, exterior valeting and detailing services by a highly motivated professional team.

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We provide a cost efficient, quality driven valeting service which achieves an optimum standard of cleaning for The Airport Valet Company’s sites appropriate for their use as tailored to the resources available to the agreed service levels of our partners and customers.

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Valeting of Airports GSE equipment

The Airport Valet Company in partnership with Advanced H2O Solutions, have 20 years’ experience in aviation and cleaning GSE Equipment.

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Specialist aircraft cleaning

All our services are designed to meet OEM requirements so you can have peace of mind that your needs will be met whilst fulfilling your aircraft’s particular requirements.

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I.D passes

The Airport Valet Company have full authorised signatory at all their current airports.

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Supply of bespoke chemical to the valeting trade

We are a U.K independent national market leader and we are dedicated to giving you, the customer, the very best chemicals there are.

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Supply of bespoke software solutions

TAVC great news for decade of change magazine

At Gatwick, 18,000 vehicles were cleaned at valet parking last year. On average, vehicle valeting with traditional car washing equipment needs 60 litres of water per vehicle. Gatwick’s new provider, The Airport Valet Company, uses an innovative water recycling system that collects, filters and reuses the water. During cleaning the ‘grey’ water is extracted by Sweeptech Environmental Services, filtered and returned to be reused and topped up with rainwater collected on site. This system uses 28,000 litres of water a year, saving approximately 1 million litres of water compared with traditional methods.


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Our strategy is simple: to supply the best solutions and products to help airports to achieve their full potential.

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